Sep 12, 2019

 by Robb Paul

Presence or being Present.

We have the hardest time with presence. Even as I write this I find myself distracted by a million little things that are undone or even hapenning around me. 

As a gym owner I have run a few 6 week challenges where people fill out a form on how and why the 6 week challenge can or will change their life. Far and away, most people say that it will help with their level of anxiety and/or depression. Here are a few quotes from my last batch:

"I get depressed and eat..."

"I hope to have some more self appreciation and confidence."

"I’ll be able to feel good about myself."

"Confidence boost."

"If I looked how I felt I should, my confidence would grow."

"I believe that it would make a huge difference on how I feel about myself."

I literally have hundreds of these from the past 3 years. HUNDREDS. And most of the people who filled out that form couldn't even be present enough in their own life to show up for an appointment that THEY BOOKED with me to talk about how I can help them. 

FEAR. ANXIETY. DEPRESSION. These are all things that my generation struggles with on a day in and day out basis, some on pretty extreme levels. This year, several Pastors, guys who have very impessive Instagram lives and "smoking hot wives," killed themselves due to depression. 

So what does that have to do with PRESENCE?

First we need to talk about what presence is, according to being PRESENT: being, existing, or occurring at this time or now.

Wait, ins't this a blog for a gym? Why am I reading about depession and presence on a blog about a gym??

Because I, Robb, the owner of Cascadia.Fit care more about the person than I do the athlete and I want to teach you to use your athletisim, your work out, to be a better human being on this planet.

I have several athletes that get a great deal out of every workout they do, they go extremely hard and the focus extremely well on the workout itself. In other words they are 100% PRESENT in the workout and their effort shows it. I also have several athletes that don't, they phone it in. They are there completing the task given but the aren't PRESENT in the workout. They're thinking about the day they have ahead or the day they just finished. They are thinking about the fight they had with their significant other. They're thinking about where they will take the "post workout selfie" for their all important "Instagram Life." News Flash: Instagram lives are fake. ALL. OF. THEM. You are seeing a highlight reel not getting an accurate depiction of someone's real life. 

I absolutely LOVE Jason Kahlipa's book: The AMRAP Mentality. Whether you do CrossFit or not, it will change your life. AMRAP stands for As Many Reps As Possible, and to summerize (and not do the book any justice because you should read it) Jason says that we should live out lives in mini AMRAP's, completely focusing on our tasks for a period of time. 

SO GOOD. When was the last time you were one on one with your kid and pushed aside every distraction so that you could get as many reps as possible with them? When was the last day, entire day, you did something incredible, truly incredible and didn't distract from it with your phone or even camera lens?

Guys, if this is something you struggle with, depression, anxiety, fear, stress, I invite you to schedule an appointment with me and come into my gym and let me teach you the power of being present in a workout that pushes you to the limit of who you are physically and see if it doesn't help with the rest of your life.